A list of all theses completed in the programme. The colors indicate the university of the main supervisor: blue (TUM), yellow (TUD), red (UT), green (TUW).


Combining novel visualizations of temporal changes with maps using satellite time series of vegetation moisture
Monika Krautschneider | Presentation | Poster
Mapping and Analysing Human Exposure to Wildfires in a Central European Context
Evripidis Avouris | Presentation | Poster
Developing an interactive visual tutorial for Citizen Science
Myrto-Panagiota Bouloukou | Presentation | Poster
Space as a Metaphor
Sacha Schlumpf | Presentation | Poster
Getting there is half the fun: Intermodal Transport Comparison of two dissimilar cities of AMS and BLR
Poornima Badrinath | Presentation | Poster
Cartography: A Theory through the Reconciliation of its Epistemic Conflicts
Mihir Desai | Presentation | Poster
Effectiveness of 2D and 3D Symbols on Virtual Globes
Tianqi Li | Presentation | Poster
Materiality in Cartography: A First Attempt to Evaluate its Usefulness
Manuela Londoño Jiménez | Presentation | Poster
Blazing the Trail: Creating a Customisable Web Map for Yellowstone and Grand Canyon National Parks
Vanessa Henkes | Presentation | Poster
The Cartographic Visualization of Processes and Changes
Tea Muraj | Presentation | Poster
An Exploratory Study of Solving Traffic Sensor Location Problem from the Perspective of Traffic Safety
Zihan Liu | Presentation | Poster
User evaluation of the effectiveness of geoprocessing tools for football data visualization
Joel David Salazar Alvarez | Presentation | Poster
Fill the map: Integrating objective data and citizen knowledge for Participatory Urban Planning
Camila Narbaitz Sarsur | Presentation | Poster
The Nuances of Mapping Street Art – Developing a Web Map for Interactive Graffiti Exploration
Oskar Baumann | Presentation | Poster
Investigate Geographical Generalizability of GeoAI Methods for OpenStreetMap Missing Building Detection
Jiapan Wang | Presentation | Poster
Using Information Chunking for Spatial Learning based on Augmented Reality
Jiongyan Zhang | Presentation | Poster
Towards an automatic UAS-based mapping tool for first responders: Defibrillator Missions in Alpine Regions
Eliezer Fajardo Figueroa | Presentation | Poster
A Comprehensive Study on Bike Sharing Mobility in the City of Munich: Utilizing Community Detection Method
Yağız Kara | Presentation | Poster
How maps have been used: Towards a topology of map functions
Julia Schiller | Presentation | Poster
Evaluating techniques and design gaps between static and animated flow maps
Zhiheng Jiao | Presentation | Poster
Mapping Boundaries
Liam Fleming | Presentation | Poster


Precision Mapping for Pest Identification in Mediterranean Pine Forest
Alexandros Theofanidis | Presentation | Poster
Visualization of spatial disparities in mobility service frequency with open public transit feed data in Germany
Md Imtiaz Uddin | Presentation | Poster
A study in node-link concept map visualization enhancement
Jonathan King | Presentation | Poster
Spatio-temporal public transport accessibility analysis and benchmarking in an interactive WebGIS
Majk Shkurti | Presentation | Poster
Cool Streets – Developing a Healthy Urban Route Planner
Jiaying Xue | Presentation | Poster
Assessing cyclist safety using infrastructure parameters from OpenStreetMap: The case of Leipzig, Marseille and Edinburgh
Camilo Cardona Torres | Presentation | Poster
Creation of an automated workflow for the production of a printed map
Enock Seth Nyamador | Presentation | Poster
Pattern-driven Analysis of Pedestrian Movement
Hassam Ali | Presentation | Poster
Toponym Extraction from Selected Historic Topographic Maps Using Deep Learning
Gongminyue Tang | Presentation | Poster
MapColPal – a color palette generation and testing tool for thematic maps
Valerian Lange | Presentation | Poster
Open Educational Resources (OER) for Teaching Thematic Mapping
Zulfa Afifah | Presentation | Poster
Developing a system for suggesting alternative ways of visualizing data
Iaroslav Boretskii | Presentation | Poster
Beyond the Peel
Esmé Middaugh | Presentation | Poster
Semantic-driven Geospatial Data Visualization Approach to Agriculture
Darya Lapo | Presentation | Poster
Fine-scale Machine Learning Based Population Mapping
Zhuo Yang | Presentation | Poster
GIS-Based Analysis and Visualisation of Indigenous-Derived Toponyms
Nele Peschel | Presentation | Poster
Why Do Route Planning Strategies of Machine Differ from Each Other and from Humans?
Syed Miftah Zeya | Presentation | Poster
Pedestrian routing of dynamic areas using Volunteered Geographical Information (OpenStreetMap)
Héctor Ochoa Ortiz | Presentation | Poster
Tracing the Evolution of Digital Cartography in Cartography Textbooks
Sangho Lee | Presentation | Poster
Area Feature Reconstruction from Historical Topographic Maps Using Different Deep Learning Architectures
Sasanka Madawalagama | Presentation | Poster
Colouring and interactive visualization of historical Earth observation data
Yiwei Wang | Presentation | Poster
Narrating the route: Route memorability in navigation instructions augmented with narrative
Lydia Youngblood | Presentation | Poster
The Application of a User-Centered Design Framework to a Static Topographic Ski Touring Map
Vivien van Dongen | Presentation | Poster
Understanding Relevance in Maps through the use of Knowledge Graphs
José Pablo Ceballos Cantú | Presentation | Poster
Analysis of a Workflow for the Automated Generalization of Geological Maps
Ana Oliva Pinilla Pachon | Presentation | Poster
Emojis as Indicators of Spatial-Temporal-Thematic Developments in Geo-Social Media
Samantha Levi | Presentation | Poster
Investigating the effects of mobile navigation services and paper maps on the spatial knowledge acquisition of pedestrians in an indoor environment
Julius Nyonyo | Presentation | Poster


Development of a tool for visual comparison of multi-faceted data by juxtaposed map views
Mohammad Monir Hossen | Presentation | Poster
Developing Gaze-based Map Interactions in Mixed Reality Devices
Nargiz Kurumbayeva | Presentation | Poster
Interactive cartographic visualization of satellite data and their orbits based on user-centered design
Shlesha Acharya | Presentation | Poster
Extraction of places of interest from VGI
Junru Lin | Presentation | Poster
Predicting, understanding, and visualizing fire dynamics with neural networks
Larissa Saad | Presentation | Poster
A collaborative cultural city map of Dresden for international women
Shweta Naik | Presentation | Poster
Mapping the Relief of Mount Ushba (Georgia) as a Contribution to an Alpine Club Map
Anouska Jaspersen | Presentation | Poster
The role of emotions in mental maps
Mariam Gambashidze | Presentation | Poster
Precision Mapping of Apple Proliferation using Multi- and Hyperspectral Data
Ben McLeod | Presentation | Poster
Testing approaches to visualize land cover/land use changes in time series with cloud-based tools
Jesse Friend | Presentation | Poster
Visualization of Landscape Changes in a 3D Environment using the Storytelling Approach – the Example of the City of Pristina
Festina Sadiku | Presentation | Poster
Visualizing Decision-Relevant Map Layers to Support Travel Planning
Nina Ioseliani | Presentation | Poster
Town and Gown: Visualising University Neighbourhoods as Places within the Urban Environment
Milana Glebova | Presentation | Poster
Automated polygon schematization for thematic maps
Jakob Listabarth | Presentation | Poster
Reclaiming Place Through Marginalized Narratives: A Critical Geography and Humanistic Approach to the Cartographic Visualization of Beyoğlu, Istanbul
Ceren Dolma | Presentation | Poster
Constructing Parallel Narratives in Cartographic Storytelling
Stephanie Fovenyessy | Presentation | Poster
A look into Covid-19 spreading through the lodging sector
Estefania Ruiz Martinez | Presentation | Poster
Communicating Disaster Risk Information – Cartographic Dashboards and Mixed Reality
John McCall JR | Presentation | Poster
Geovisualization & Processing of Mobility Data to Identify Impact Factor on Mobility Patterns
Muhammad Hamza | Presentation | Poster
Semi-Supervised Virtual Support Vector Machines with Self-Learning Constraint for Remote Sensing Image Classification
Ozan Tuncbilek | Presentation | Poster
3D interactive spatiotemporal and semantic visualization for discrete data associated with multiple categories and long historical events
Xiyu Wang | Presentation | Poster
Generalisation of heterogeneous topographic linear features to derive a German Alpine club map
Sifa Mawiyoo | Presentation | Poster
Analyzing and Visualizing Location Based Social Media Data
Sagnik Mukherjee | Presentation | Poster
Development of the international schools of cartographic thought
Olesia Ignateva | Presentation | Poster
An Interactive Visual Interface for Geodata Query with Space-time Cube
Mengyao Gao | Presentation | Poster
Reviewing the Status of National Spatial Data Infrastructure: A case study in Southern Africa countries
John Ogunbiyi | Presentation | Poster
A Systematic Approach to Formulate Design Recommendations for Location-based Stories in Augmented Reality
Nuzhat Tabassum Nawshin | Presentation | Poster


Machine Learning Image Segmentation to Improve Object Recognition in Mixed Reality
Guillermo Fernando Esquivel Tabares | Presentation | Poster
Privacy Aware Analysis of Spatial Social Media Data
Jack Stephan | Presentation | Poster
Animated Transitions in Statistical Maps
Valeriia Shurupina | Presentation | Poster
Navigating Pictorial Maps with Attention Guiding and Narrative Techniques
Shah Taj | Presentation | Poster
Developing Gaze-based Map Interactions
Brandon Serrao | Presentation | Poster
Integrating Geospatial Linked Open Data and Knowledge Networks into Business Intelligence
Olha Ostrovna | Presentation | Poster
Visualizing Mobile Network Data
Verena Klasen | Presentation | Poster
Map-based Storytelling in Spatial Augmented Reality: Projection of Interactive Layers
Nikita Slavin | Presentation | Poster
Enhancement of Density Visualization using Dot Density Maps
Mostafa Kheyrollahi Kouhanestani | Presentation | Poster
Improving the cartographic visualization techniques of platial features – the example of London parks
Luke Alexander Harvey | Presentation | Poster
Implementing and Developing an Interactive Atlas for the Global Naturalized Alien Flora (GloNAF) Database
Sebastian Hancock | Poster
Mapping the Vegetation of the Caucasian Ushba Region (Georgia Russian Federation) as a contribution to an Alpine Club Map
Michael James Hallett | Presentation | Poster
Developing Data Cylinders to map changes and feedbacks between Arctic Sea Ice and Vegetation
Danai-Maria Kontou | Presentation
Vector tile cache connecting effective spatial communication and geospatial AI
Sharon Chawanji | Presentation | Poster
Evaluation of Methods and Tools for Interactively Visualizing and Exploring Traffic Data
Arslan Aslam | Presentation | Poster
Visualisation of Collective Spatial Keyword Queries and their Usability
Jonas Beinder | Presentation | Poster
Refining Spatial Autocorrelation Analysis for Dasymetrically Disaggregated Spatial Data
Dennis Dizon | Presentation | Poster
An Empirical Evaluation of the Story Focus Concept – The Example of a Map Telling the Story of “The Legend of Meng Jiangnu”
Adebayo Yusuf Ishola | Presentation | Poster
An Empiric Evaluation of the Affordances of Panorama Maps and Planimetric Maps in the Context of Alpine Ski Areas
Jenny Janssen | Presentation | Poster
Improvement of Decision Making and Communication in Disaster Risk Management through Cartographic Dashboards
Rosalie Kremser | Presentation | Poster
Heuristic Reasoning about Geospatial Data under Uncertainty
Lorenzo Libertini | Presentation | Poster
Strategies for a Reduction of Indoor Point Clouds to Purified Room Geometries and their Interactive Presentation
Sathish Raymond Emmanuel Sahayaraj | Presentation | Poster
Multi Criteria Decision Analysis and Automatic Submarine Cable Routing
Daphné Tapia | Presentation | Poster
User-centric geospatial analytics and visualization of catastrophe risk portfolio using the example of the insurance industry
Lin Zhu | Presentation | Poster
Cross-Cultural Differences In Topographic Map Design Perception
Bibigul Zhunis | Presentation | Poster


Design Guidelines for Mobile Augmented Reality Reconstruction
Pei Lun Yuan | Presentation | Poster
The Usability of Satirical Maps as an Educational Aid in History Class
Wouter Anthonie van der Meijden | Presentation | Poster
Analysis and Mapping of Crime Perception: A Quantitative Approach of Sketch Maps
Mariana Vallejo Velázquez | Presentation | Poster
The Use of Maps on Smartwatches
Maira Utebaliyeva | Presentation | Poster
Analysing the Potential of Network Kernel Density Estimation for the Study of Tourism Based on Geosocial Media Data
Marko Tošić | Presentation | Poster
Subjective Value Assessment Based on Emojis for Applications in Landscape and Urban Planning
Elifcan Ozyildirim | Presentation | Poster
On the Use of Adaptive Sketch Textures in a 3D Model of a Townscape
Cinthya Morquecho Díaz | Poster
Cartographic Symbolization for High-Resolution Displays
Agnieszka Mańk | Poster
Analyzing and Visualizing the Relationships between Vegetation Traits and Soil Moisture in Wetland Environments from Remote Sensing Data
Mengyu Liang | Poster
Recommendations for the Design of Collaborative Mapping Software Tools for Large-Scale Map Tables
Altynay Kikkarina | Presentation | Poster
A Comparative Study of 3D Visualization versus Immersive Visualization
Irhamilah Binti Khamsim | Poster
Supporting Enhanced Disaster Management with Interactive 3D and Mixed Reality Maps
Kevin Patrick Helzel | PresentationPoster
Design and Development of Location-Based Mobile City Dashboard
Rima Gebran | PresentationPoster
Integrating Visual Analytics Tools into Geomarketing
Iñigo Etxeandia Rodriguez | Poster
Tourists vs. Locals: Mapping Urban Traces from Social Media
Yingwen Deng | PresentationPoster
Sentiment-based Spatialtemporal Event Detection in Social Media Data
Lin Che | PresentationPoster
Effects of Uncertainty Visualization on Decision Making and User Confidence: An Empirical Study
Metrine Muyoka Bwisa | Presentation | Poster
Comparing Social Media Topics of Interest Associated with Places According to the User's Origin
Maria Athanasiou | Poster
Visualizing Connectivity within Innovation Ecosystems in Europe
Zarina Acero | Presentation | Poster
Archiving Digital Maps with GeoPackage and Vector-tile Dissemination
Yunnan Chen | Presentation
Pedestrian Navigation with consideration of affective responses towards the environment extracted from Location-Based Social Media Data
Madalina Gugulica


Mobile Learning (M-Learning) – Concept and Development of an App for the Alpine Cartographic Field School
Moris Zahtila
Development of a framework for designing a map style across several scales and its implementation
Laura Eichler
Landslide hazard in Central Asia: Understanding the relationship between slope instabilities, tectonic and geomorphology using satellite data and integration into a landslide susceptibility model
Laura Natalie Barbosa Mejia | Presentation
Digital Morphometry Applied to Geo-Hazard Risk Assessment: A Case Study from Germany
Karen Byrne | Presentation
Development of an update procedure for authoritative spatial data by the combination with crowdsourced information
Nita Maulia
Development of a spatial decision support system for the mitigation of damage caused by flash flood events
Maia Zumbulidze
Thematic Maps portraying Sustainable Development Goal Indicator Data and an Exploration of Users' Emotional Responses and Attitudes
Natasha Pirani
Using agent-based modeling for hurricane shelter planning in Dominica
Martin Hilljegerdes | Presentation
Sustainable Development Goals and uncertainty visualization
Jessica Grayson Gosling-Goldsmith | Presentation
Use and user requirements of ecosystem service maps
Maria Rühringer | Presentation
Time Series Crop Monitoring of an Agricultural Scheme on a Plot Basis Using Complementary Remote Sensing
Satarupa Chatterjee
A Contribution to Computer-Assisted Deciphering of Labels from Scanned Maps
Christian Haack
Space-Time Cube Visualization in a Mixed Reality Environment – New approaches to support understanding historical landscape changes
Maria Turchenko
User-Oriented Campus Routing
Armand Kapaj | Presentation
Online visualization of multi-dimensional spatio-temporal data
Keni Han | Presentation
Potential Usage of Mixed Reality Devices in the Field of Cartography
Caglar Satir | Presentation
Ice Basement Mapping of Eisriesenwelt Cave with Ground Penetrating Radar
Ao Kaidong | Presentation
Detection and correction of mover identity problems in movement datasets
Nevil Jose Kodiyan | Presentation
Building visual overview of potential inefficiencies in heterogeneous mobility system
Yueying Lu | Presentation


Methodology for evaluation of precision and accuracy of different geometric 3D data acquisition methods
Ana Carolina do Nascimento Melo | Presentation
Multimedia Presentations of Spatial Journalistic Content
Zeinab Torabi | Presentation
A Contribution to Computer-Assisted Reconstruction of Selected Line Features from Scanned Maps
Jiaqin Ni | Presentation
Methodology for Producing a Hand-Drawn Thematic City Map
Alika Jensen | Presentation
Flood Mapping with the Sentinel-1 Time-Series Data in Arid Areas
Kamila Cwik | Presentation
An investigation in the requirements and design of an online cartographic data comic editor
Christopher Hogg | Presentation
Spatial-temporal Analysis of International Connections Based on Textual Social Media Data
Kaidi Guo | Presentation
Historical Spatio-temporal data in current GIS Case Study: German-Herero war of resistance 1904
Susanna Abraham | Presentation
Glacier Extents of the Greater Caucasus mountain range derived from manual interpretation and digital classification of Landsat satellite data
Kate Doyle | Presentation
Extraction and Visual Analysis of Negative Traffic Events from Weibo Data
Chenyu Zuo | Presentation
Spatial Optimization of Wind Farm Allocation
Dragana Subotic | Presentation
Design of a multi-scale base map for a tiled web map service
Taras Dubrava | Presentation
Legend-less Maps
Md. Marufur Rahman | Presentation
Do Taxi Drivers Choose the Shortest Routes?
Junyan Li | Presentation
Combining Open-Source Programming Languages with GIS for Spatial Data Science
Maja Kalinic | Presentation
Concept and Implementation of a Contextualized Navigable 3D Landscape Model: The Uch Enmek Example (Altai Republic, Siberia)
Mussab Mohamed Abuelhassan Abdalla
Application of multi-temporal fragmentation indices in the characterisation of urban development
Katalin Joó
Indoor Landmark and Indoor Wayfinding: The Indoor Landmark Identification Issue
Rohini Gangaputra
Visualizing dynamic spatial height information in a dam monitoring context
Amir Ashkan Baghdoust
Increasing the Statistical Significance for MODIS Active Fire Hotspots in Portugal Using One-Class Support Vector Machines
Vikram Devi Eswaramoorthy
3D Thematic Mapping and Visualization in CesiumJS Virtual Globe
Dayanc Moradi
Using high-resolution optical satellite imagery to observe glaciers and rock glaciers in Northern Tien Shan, Central Asia
Alexandra Strel | Presentation
Usability of an adjusted IndoorTubes map design for indoor wayfinding on mobile devices
Vasileios Toutziaris | Presentation
An Empirical Evaluation of 2D and Interactive 3D Terrain Visualisations for Cycling Maps
Myles Cook | Presentation
Object-based classification for estimation of built-up density within urban environment
Jurai Murcko | Presentation
The Effect of Satellite Image Resolution and Minimum Mapping Unit on the Accuracy of Forest Cover Maps
Aleksandra Draksler | Presentation
Mobile re-use of georeferenced media content of Sächsische Zeitung
Abdelrahman Abdelhamid Abdelhady Hussein
Comparing Mouse- and Touch-based Map Interaction for Target Search Tasks on Large Screens
Shuoyan Huang


Automated derivation of zoomable web maps with handmade look and feel
Furui Sun
Design of Mobile Maps with Open Source Mapping Platforms
Chiyuan Gu
Generation of a high-quality physiographic map as a base for nature conservation and land planning
Ethan Oleson
Motorway network depiction from OpenStreetMap data in accordance with cartographic demands
Sigita Grinfelde
Integrated Web Based Visualization of Railway Track Information
Youssef Zouine | Presentation
Spatiotemporal Visual Analysis of Traffic Flow Patterns Related to Transport Hubs from Floating Car Data
Shirui Wang
Visual Analysis of Origin/Destination Time Patterns of Travellers
Katre Karja | Presentation
Extraction of user's stays from GPS logs: A comparison of three spatio-temporal clustering approaches
Francisco Daniel Porras Bernárdez | Presentation


A photo-based route visualization method for indoor way-finding
Shihui Xu | Presentation
Automated detection and explicit modelling of structural relations for the generalisation of island groups
Benedikt Víðisson
Biotic and Thermal Spatial Patterns in the Altai Mountains from MODIS Time Series Detection, Characterisation and Web Integration
Anudari Batsaikhan
Design and implementation of an automated workflow to provide a zoomable web mapping application using artistic styles
Maximilian Hartl
A Decision Support System for Sales Territory Planning using the Genetic Algorithm
Shahin Sharifi Noorian
Visual Exploration of Spatial-Temporal Traffic Congestion Patterns Using Floating Car Data
Candra Sari Djati Kartika | Presentation
Spatial Temporal Analysis of Social Media Data
Smita Singh | Presentation
Artistic Decorations in Early Modern Cartography: A Study Case of Maps of the Dutch Golden Age
Anna Makrostergiou | Presentation
Procedural 3D modeling and visualization of geotypical Bavarian rural buildings in Esri CityEngine software
Ieva Dobrāja | Presentation
The derivation of digital embroid styled maps
Lin Dong 
Investigation and visualisation of geodetic glacier mass balance in the Central Tien Shan based on historical declassified Corona KH4 and KH9 Hexagon imagery
Franz Goerlich 
Detection and visualization of glacier area changes at the Lake Paiku Basin (Tibet, China) using multi-temporal remote sensing imagery from 1974-2010
Maria Elena Vargas Amado
The effectiveness of uncertainty visualization in a "Coordinated Multiple View" environment using a temporal dataset (case study)
Lisa Clemens | Presentation
Algorithm Design and Implementation of Map Matching of City-wide Floating Car Data
Luyi Han | Presentation


Large-Scale Industrial Site Selection Using a Minimum Natural Risk Approach – Concept and Prototypic Implementation
Anne Birckigt | Presentation
The automatic generalisation of buildings whilst maintaining the settlement structure: A case study based on the 1:50.000 Swiss National Map Series
Anna Vetter | Presentation
An Assessment of the Solar Potential of Roofs within a Web-based Solar Cadastre
Ekaterina Chuprikova 
Visualization and investigation of geodetic glacier mass balances at Shishapangma Arca (Tibet, China)
Panagiota Nikolakakou 
A Cartographic Approach to Spatio-temporal Data Visualization of Events in Visual Analytics Applications
Alice Rühl 
Investigations of Regional Treeline Migration - Examples from the Altai and Tien Shan Mountains
Catherine Hartley 
Procedural developing of a reconstruction of archaeological model applied to the case study Nymphaeum of the Sanctuary of Diana in Nemi, Italy
Abdullah Alattas
Visual reconstruction of archaeological data of the Sanctuary of Diana at Nemi, Italy
Mariana Danielova | Presentation
Deriving the distribution of population from nighttime lights data
Ainur Matayeva | Presentation
Testing the Usability of OpenStreetMap's iD Tool
Jan Bastian Behrens
Web based visual analysis of 3D lightning data
Mohammad Abusohyon
Smart Campus Map
Shayan Nikoohemat | Presentation
Web mapping application for operative fire and water services
Mostafa ElFouly | Presentation
Modeling individual's Familiarity of Places Using Social Media
Wangshu Wang


Modeling individual's Familiarity of Places Using Social Media
Linxueyang Zhao | Presentation
3D Modeling and Visualization of Archaeological Data
Pei Zhang
Persistence of Physical Patterns of a Mountain Landscape – Detection and Map Representation
Carlos Ernesto Vázquez Arias
3D Mapping of Volumetric Changes of Selected East Alpine Glaciers - Example: Dachstein Massif
Katharina Zöphel
Derivation of continuous zoomable road network maps through utilization of Space-Scale-Cube
Meysam Aliakbarian | Presentation
Cross-Media 3D Cartography of ‘Europe at the Last Ice Age’ Based on Initial Data Compilations
Mara Jaunsproge
Hybrid Autostereoscopic 3D Methods for Depicting High-Relief Terrain. Case Study: Dachstein Austria
Jeffrey Thomas Welter
Categorization and Visualization of Twitter Data
Raluca Georgeta Nicola