Living and Studying in Enschede

Living in Enschede – The home of the University of Twente
With 26.000 students and a wide range of clubs and bars, Enschede has earned the right to call itself a vibrant student city. Enschede is popular among students because, despite of its many possibilities and facilities, it still feels compact and personal. Thanks to the many international institutions (and being near to the German border) there are many international students to be found in Enschede. This results in an international ambiance in many of the institutions and the city.

Another characteristic of student life in Enschede is the presence of many associations in the area of study, sports, culture and social matters. This results in a lot of activities organized to bring people together.

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Average monthly budget
Living in Enschede is probably as expensive as living in Munich, Vienna and Dresden.
Accommodation: less than 500€
Food: 200‒300€
Personal expenses: 150‒200€
Public transportation
No need to worry about public transportation. The ITC building and the city centre are at walking distance from the ITC International Hotel.
Social, sporting and cultural opportunities
Students enrolled at ITC may benefit from all kinds of art & events and sports facilities at the campus of the University of Twente.

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In addition, the faculty ITC has its own extracurricular activities:
Dutch language courses
ITC Building. Photograph by Gerard Kuster
ITC building. Photo copyright: Gerard Kuster
Campus life
The University of Twente is the only real campus university in the Netherlands: almost all students and staff live, work, study and relax together in a green area of approximately 1 kilometre wide and 1.5 kilometre long on the westside of Enschede. See: 

However, the ITC building, where MSc cartography students will study if they come to Enschede, and its own student accommodation are situated 3 kilometres to the east of the main UT campus, close to the city centre. 
Accommodation: ITC International Hotel (IIH)
There is no need for you to search for a room in Enschede. ITC provides accommodation in well-furnished rooms with a private bathroom at the ITC International Hotel (IIH) as an integral component of a study at ITC. Accommodation is reserved in IIH for all enrolled MSc Cartography candidates who will be writing their thesis at the University of Twente. Students are obliged to make use of this accommodation for the full duration of their stay in Enschede.

The hotel is located in the centre of Enschede, close to the ITC main building and close to the railway station, shopping centre, market and post-office. Additional facilities include a 24-hour reception, use of a large and well equipped kitchen, free WiFi, cleaning service, self-service laundry, a bar operated by the student union, and other recreation areas. The costs of a room in IIH are less than Euro 500 per month.
ITC-Hotel, Copyright: Gerard Kuster
ITC International Hotel, Photo copyright: Gerard Kuster
Your local coordinator in Enschede
Barend Köbben