What our students have to say about the programme
Master of Cartography was a great experience, I totally recommend it!

I believe that as important as the content of the program (you can read about it in this very website) were the people who were a part of it: the amazingly supportive coordinators, quite a few inspirational lecturers, and a bunch of crazy (and very talented) fellow students, who became my great friends. After this program, you are not just an educated cartographer, but you are a part of a very welcoming community of people who love maps!
Agnieszka Mańk
Poland, 7th intake
During the semesters of International Master's Programme of Cartography, the most valuable thing I have learnt is the cutting-edge knowledge in the field of Cartography and GI, both practical and theoretic. The four excellent universities offer us the great opportunity to learn about what each of them is specialize in, including modern Cartography, web-based mapping and services, remote sensing and programming skills, which will surely benefit us enormously in future careers. The professors, lecturers and coordinators are trying their best to meet our needs of studying and also living. The experiences of living in these amazing cities and the classmates from all over the world allow me to have a better and broader view about different culture and the world we live in. I feel so honored and proud to study in this programme, to increase my knowledge in the top universities, and to be a part of this amazing group.

The reason why I choose this programme is that I could have the chance to learn what each research group of the four universities is good at, to be updated with the new technologies of Cartography, and to get a deeper understanding of different kinds of cultures.
Keni Han
China, 5th intake
The feeling is simply said, great. I feel like I belong to one big international family. I feel that I gained so much just by being part of this group, knowing all these great people, for sure I can say my friends. Getting the chance to meet so many great professors and assistants who are always there for you, it just can not be compared with any previous experience I had. I really feel like I belong somewhere and like I am part of something special and big.

It has been a great experience so far, and I can not believe how fast time flies when things are interesting. I am really grateful for all things I got with this course and all people I met. If I ever had to repeat all process of application in order to become part of the International Cartography group, I would always do it. It is really worth it.

If you like maps, if you enjoy in challenges and changes, if you don not mind constant moving and if you are very open-minded and friendly, this is definitely great chance for you. Also, if you want to get very prestigious degree from four universities and gain quite high experience in geo field, you should apply, for sure.
Maja Kalinic
Bosnia Herzegovina, 5th intake
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Alpine Field School 2015
I am pleased to be a part of the course. It has given me great technical skills in map production and analyzing and applying spatial data. On top of these are great colleagues from many nations and easily approachable lecturers. These are two years I will treasure.

This is a unique international course. You will rarely have an opportunity to meet so many interesting people. If you are interested only on studying, it may be better to choose a programme at a single location. However, if you are excited about meeting people and improving your languages, you will enjoy this course. Though scary and sometimes difficult at first, especially if English is not your first language, it is fun to know your colleagues and experience life in the cities.
Chris Hogg
United Kingdom, 5th intake
I feel incredible. Right now, I am convinced that I am at the right place with right people. It is a huge privilege to be a part of this programme, which makes me convinced, that my dreams and future prospects will come true.

During this programme, I learnt basic principles of how the West European educational system works. I made acquaintances with Prof. Georg Gartner, Prof. Dirk Burghardt, Prof. Liqiu Meng , Prof. Menno-Jan Kraak and many others, who have made and continue the contribution to the domain of Cartography and Geosciences. I was introduced to the cutting-edge methodologies, practices, and theories applied in cartographical science. I understood and mastered the way to prepare for exams and productively study within the whole semester.

I made connections with many people and their cultures, especially with my lovely classmates. I got to know some new friends and nice people. I gained tremendous experience in handling daily life issues, understanding English, German and Dutch languages, and travelling around Europe.
Taras Dubrava
Ukraine, 5th intake
I am privileged to be part of the International MSc in cartography and most especially on the 2015 intake. My first year on this programme has been amazing, from meeting great people from different parts of the world and living in different cities in Europe.

I have applied with little knowledge of what the course was about, my only hope was for this programme to uplift my understanding and interests as well as help me find a point of direction in my career. I am glad to say after my first year of the masters that I am surely getting there, I am fully inspired and have seen the light.

My best highlight so far has been overcoming the fear of programming. I am glad I had an opportunity to attend the semester at TU Wien as I have learnt a lot from there, from personal development to getting my hands dirty on programming and learning new technological trends in GI and Cartography. I could not ask for any better semester than this and let alone the MSc programme as a whole. I highly recommend this to anyone who is keen about digital cartography.
Susanna Abraham
Namibia, 5th intake