Unprecedented times call for unprecedented maps

A lot of maps have been created in the last months showing all kinds of statistics and impacts of the Coronavirus. Cartography MSc students of the 10th intake created their COVID-19 maps and presented their view on the pandemic within the Mapping Project course in a virtual Vernissage this week. The excellent achievements are diverse in style and content. Take a look and visit our Virtual Vernissage online: https://cartographymaster.eu/pandemic-on-maps-vernissage/

Congratulations to our students of the 10th Intake on the successful projects! Very well done!


Lockdown-friendly travel map of Munich – Liam Fleming, Darya Lapo and Sangho Lee

Influences and Effects of COVID-19 Response – Samantha Levi, Camilo Cardona and Valerian Lange

The Unemployed States of America – Hassam Ali and Leo Tang

COVID-19’s Impact on NO2 Pollution – Yiwei Wang and Zhiheng Jiao

Moving Out – Jiaying Xue and Joel Salazar

The hardest race in the history of motorsport – Iaroslav Boretskii and Enock Seth Nyamador

Searching for the Essentials – Esmé Middaugh, Vivien van Dongen and Nele Peschel

COVID-19 impacts on major economics of the world – Majk Shkurti, Syed Zeya and Alexandros Theofanidis

Live and Learn in Munich during Lockdown – Ana Pinilla, Gongmingyue Tang and Jonathan King

COVID Reshaping the Perception of Safety – Zhuo Yang and José Pablo Ceballos Cantu

Visualizing People’s Happiness – Héctor Ochoa Ortiz and Zulfa Nur’aini ‘Afifah

Can You See Clearly Now? – Lydia Youngblood and Sasanka Madawalagama


The Mapping Project is an elective module that aims at developing data visualization methods, prototypes, and cartographic designs using different tools and digital media. Within this course, students can choose a topic of their interest and focus on the development of their skills and abilities in problem-solving, team work, and on expanding their expertise and competence in the use and application of various technologies and media. This year, the students were asked to develop their own topic related to the pandemic.