Placing Poems – A poetic side project by one of our students

We are happy to feature Placing Poems, a project by Ceren Dolma, student of 9th intake of the Cartography Master programme:

Placing Poems is an online, interactive map offering a chance to write about new and imagined journeys away from the stifling reality of the pandemic.

For much of the past year, we’ve been restricted by contours, parameters, real or imagined. Poems have freed up the mental space to wonder unashamedly about journeys we will take, discover, and love.

Placing Poems is an opportunity to write about these journeys and place them on a public, interactive map. From visiting a new bakery to sailing to Gola Island, write about any journey, no matter how grand or small. All contributions will be combined, representing many poetic journeys and creating a poetic cartography of anticipated adventures for everyone to enjoy.

To find a poem near you, visit the interactive map at