Welcoming the 9th Intake of Cartography M.Sc.

The 9th Intake of Cartography M.Sc. has started their first semester at TU Munich. Congratulations to all of you with the start of this exciting journey in cartography! Altogether 25 students from 18 different countries enrolled this year.

The 9th Intake of Cartography M.Sc. together with the coordinators

The highlights of the orientation week have been:

An official welcome from Prof. Liqiu Meng, Prof. Georg Gartner, Prof. Meno-Jan Kraak, and Prof. Dirk Burghardt and the programme coordinator Juliane Cron.
Enlightening keynote talks:
  • Why is it a smart decision to study cartography? (Prof. Liqiu Meng)
  • Cartography – from topographic mapping to geovisual analysis (Eva Hauthal, local coordinator at TU Dresden)
  • The relevance of modern cartography (Prof. Georg Gartner)
  • Maps, and challenges of mapping SDG indicators data (Prof. Menno-Jan Kraak)
The students attended an intercultural training workshop (given by Maria Prahl, Working between Cultures) and some of them tried the typical Bavarian “Weißwurstfrühstück” for the first time.
Within the Mapping Challenge, students designed and presented their very first map, a mind map of TUM campus.
Finally, the freshman students had the opportunity to meet former students and alumni at the 1st Cartography M.Sc. alumni meeting on Friday, October 11.

We are happy having you with us and wish you an exciting 1st semester in Munich.