Ravensteinpreis: Congratulations to Jenny Janssen and Jakob Listabarth

The Ravenstein-Förderpreis is a sponsorship award to foster young cartographers in Germany (and German-speaking countries). On October 17, this years’ award ceremony took place in Frankfurt. We are very happy that two of our students are awardees of the Ravenstein-Preis 2019: Jenny Janssen (8th intake) and Jakob Listabarth (9th intake). Congratulations to both of them!


SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser Brixenthal

Jenny received the award for her map SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser Brixenthal – Orientierungs- und Navigationsplan. From the jury statement (translated):

The visually pleasing map impresses with its high density of information. The topic stands out very well from the topographic information and the terrain representation. In comparison to other skiing maps, the map presents the areal size and difficulty of the ski slopes particularly clearly. The table with ski lifts is well structured and contains all relevant information for skiers. An impressive work created with open data.

You can find more information about Jenny’s map in the Student Work section.


The Lost Treasures of Isla del Coco

Jakob received the award for his map The Lost Treasures of Isla del Coco – that actually also won at the Monochrome Mapping Competition this summer. From the jury statement (translated):

The thematic map Isla del Coco is graphically very pleasing, rich in details and invites the reader to linger and immerse oneself in the history of the island. The combination of detail map, overview maps, elevation profile and descriptions is well implemented and offers a high degree of information. The monochrome coloring and blocky fonts are reminiscent of adventure and treasure hunt.

You can find more information about Jakob’s map on the TUW website.


Both projects were created within the class Project Map Creation in summer semester 2019.