How I Met Your Mapper – An interactive vernissage of maps created by our students in the 1st semester at TUM

We just completed our 2022 Mapping Project. Cartography MSc students of the first semester at TUM developed data visualization methods, prototypes, and cartographic designs using different tools and digital media. Enjoy exploring the interactive Vernissage “How I Met Your Mapper

A sneak peek can be viewed here:


Congratulations to our students of the 11th Intake on the successful projects! Very well done!

Blurry Borders – an atlas on disputed borders  – Monika Krautschneider and Camila Narbaitz Sarsur

Munich Quest: A Gamified Exploration of Central Munich – Evripidis Avouris and Sacha Schlumpf

Into the Green – Tea Muraj and Zihan Liu

Magical Light Map – Urban Green Area Map – Manuela Londoño Jiménez and Jiapan Wang

One Map To Track Them All – A Lord Of The Rings StoryMap – Myrto-Panagiota Bouloukou and Vanessa Henkes

A Bite of Dresden – Tianqi Li, Weichen Xu and Sabahet Ali

Fantastic Beers and Where to Find Them – Mihir Desai and Eliezer Fajardo

Life in Rubber Boots – Projecting the Effects of Global Warming on Sea Level Rise (SLR) by the year 2100 – Julia Schiller and Yağız Kara

Last Mile Connectivity: Understanding the Accuracy of Point-to-Point Navigation – Poornima Badrinath and Oskar Baumann

Within Mapping Project course, students can choose a topic of their interest and focus on the development of their skills and abilities in problem-solving, team work, and on expanding their expertise and competence in the use and application of various technologies and media.