A Bite of Dresden

“Travel, Eat and Explore”

What it is about

“A Bite of Dresden” is a travel guide based on flavours of Dresden. It is an interactive map which incorporates ten most famous tourist attractions of Dresden surrounded by variety of restaurants. This map will help tourists and new residents in exploring the city by experiencing food culture around famous attractions of the city. Users have the choice to select attraction and how far they want to travel for food based on their likeness. The motive of our project is “Travel, Eat and Explore”.

How we built it

The top 10 landmarks recommended by Dresden city website were selected [1]. The shapefiles including attractions, city boundary and restaurants were downloaded from Open Street Map [2]. Permanently closed restaurants and restaurants with below average rating were removed from the data set. For designing of symbols, we have used cartoon style icons for both layers i.e., Tourist Attractions and Restaurants. The homepage of project is coded by using Notepad++, HTML and CSS file. The interactive functions of map were added through ArcGIS Online Web App.

Challenges we ran into

Better visualization and legibility were our major concerns. Symbolizing attractions and restaurants was difficult task as we must consider scale and zoom level of icons. Moreover, Changing the icons for attractions and restaurants was one of the biggest challenges which we faced during the creation of this map.

What we're proud of

We achieved our objective and implemented our basic idea by creating an interactive map with different functionalities that would help users to travel by exploring flavours and attractions of Dresden.

What we learned

We learned how to use html and CSS to create our own website, which is new for all of us. Meanwhile, we also get a change to explore the strong functions of ArcGIS online application builder.

What's next

Our map provides a simple and basic route selection, but it could be more interactive. We believe that with advance learning and knowledge of programming languages we can achieve better in the future.


Tianqi Li
Weichen Xu
Sabahet Ali

11th intake
Juliane Cron, M.Sc.
Dr.-Ing. Mathias Jahnke
Food Mapping, Tourist, Attraction, Dresden, Interactive Food Map, Tourism
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