Guest lecture series by Prof. Dr Alan MacEachren from GeoVISTA Center, The Pennsylvania State University

Prof. Dr Alan MacEachren, the Director of GeoVISTA Center (The Pennsylvania State University) has made an important contribution to our Cartography Master Program. We were delighted to host Alan at TUM for a week as a guest lecturer. In his lecture series for the Cartography M.Sc. students of the 8th intake, he covered such essential topics as cartographic communication and human reasoning process. Particularly, in his talk about “GeoVisual Analytics: Moving beyond cartographic communication to support for human reasoning with data at scale”, Alan presented focus areas of Visual Analytics and introduced how Geovisual Analytics supports analytical reasoning about geospatial data. What is more, the third lecture day was dedicated to a five-step process for brainstorming aimed to explore the creative ideas on paper when thinking about a visualization task. Thank you, Alan!

Cartography M.Sc. students of the 8th intake and
Prof. Dr Alan MacEachren
Brainstorming and rapid mapping
Group discussion about visualization approaches
Students presented their ideas on how to solve a visualization challenge
Thinking. Doing. Showing.