Mapping Project presentations at TUM

The mapping project is a creative elective module that gives form to innovative cartographic concepts and visualization solutions for challenging issues in cartography and GIScience. In this course, Cartography M.Sc. students develop strategies and tactical approaches to creating sufficient user- and purpose-oriented cartographic products based on different tools, visualization techniques and methods. This course provides a framework where students can choose a topic of their interest and focus on the development of their skills and abilities in problem-solving, and on expanding their expertise and competence in the use and application of various technologies and media.

Upon completion of the semester work, 14 projects were presented in two days seminar:

  • The Curious Map of Munich (Jonas Beinder, Rosalie Kremser) – Online;
  • Underground mapping of the city of Munich (Daphné Tapia, Sharon Chawanji) – Online*;
  • Climate change influence on natural hazards  (Bibigul Zhunis, Arslan Aslam) – ArcGIS Story map;
  • The Liming Map  (Shah Taj, Brandon Serrao) – Prezi;
  • BeRoute  (Lin Zhu, Valeriia Shurupina) – Online;
  • Puzzle of European Languages  (Verena Klasen, Sebastian Hancock) – Online;
  • The CartoMiners Game  (Danai-Maria Kontou, Adebayo Ishola) –  Online;
  • Customer Perception and Visualization of Munich Restaurants Using Interactive Maps (John Ogunbiyi, Mostafa Kheyrollahi) – Online*;
  • Tourists Flow Map of Munich (Sathish Raymond, Mohammad Monir Hossen) – Online 1, 2, 3*;
  • The Race to the South Pole (Jenny Janssen, Nikita Slavin);
  • Mapping Geographic Changes in American Economics and Demography 1963-2017 (Lorenzo Libertini, John McCall);
  • An Inclusive 3D Model of the Hiking Routes in Garmisch Region (Michael Hallett, Luke Harvey);
  • Mapping global conferences in the field of Cartography and GIS (Olha Ostrovna, Shweta Naik) – Online;
  • Interactive Web Atlas of Europe (Jack Stephan, Andrew Taylor).

Congratulations to our 8th Intake of Cartography M.Sc. on the successful presentations! Well done!

* ArcGIS Online account is required