Map by Milana Glebova and Nikita Slavin represents November in 2021 GeoHipster Calendar

The Moscow buildings map by our students Milana Glebova (9th intake) and Nikita Slavin (8th intake) has been selected and is part of the 2021 GeoHipster Calendar.

Collage of maps included in the 2021 calendar. Milena’s and Nikita’s map is in the middle center.

The interactive Moscow map can be viewed online under Besides the Moscow map, Nikita also created maps for the cities of St. Petersburg and Kazan. If you are interested in the details on how the maps have been created and how the idea for the map series was born, click here:

For Nikita it’s the 2nd  time in a row that a map he created made it into the GeoHipster Calendar. His first contribution was on Ocean Plastic and was featured in April 2020:

Nikita Slavin’s beautiful (but sad) map on Ocean Plastic

We are very proud of you, Milana and Nikita!