Guest lecture on the Atlas of Switzerland

How to design modern atlas visualizations? What layouts, icons and colour schemes are used in innovative multimedia cartography? Our guest lecture, Dr. René Sieber from ETH Zürich answered those questions on the example of the Atlas of Switzerland.

In the first part of the teaching session, Dr. Sieber presented the concept of Atlas Information Systems (AIS) and their key design issues – general functions, holistic approach, serendipity, narrative structure, interactivity and user-centred design. Second part of the session included the interaction and interface design methods.

At the end of the guest lecture, Cartography students discussed the main trends for future AIS development – online mapping, mobile mapping, 3D web atlases with real time visualization and storytelling.

Curios about our guest lecture? Check out the webpage of Atlas of Switzerland for more information:

Screenshot: Atlas of Switzerland
Screenshot: Atlas of Switzerland