Guest lecture and workshop about Visual Analytics

On 30–31 January 2016, Cartography MSc. students took part in a guest lecture and a special workshop concentrated on Visual Analytics of spatio-temporal data. The meeting was conducted by Dr.-Ing. Georg Fuchs from Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS.

In the theoretical part of the session our guest presented the definition of Visual Analytics, examples of spatio-temporal data and spatio-temporal analysis tasks. The shown video about “The Wealth and Health of Nations” by Hans Rosling served as a very good introductory example for telling a visual story with the help of visual analytics. To prepare students for the practical part, also an overview of the tools and mining techniques (filtering, simplification, grouping, aggregation, extraction) was provided.

During the workshop, students performed Visual Analysis of Event and Movement Data with the use of Space Time Cube. It was a great opportunity to develop competences in finding anomalies in the data, recognizing specific features (clusters) and determining relationships between aspects of reality.