Cartography student life during COVID-19 outbreak

Nothing can stop us from #thinkingdoingshowing

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the universities closed their classrooms and labs for a while. But despite this time of uncertainty, we carry on and we have started a new exciting semester in a different educational setting. Although the virtual lectures and even virtual exams are part of the Cartography MSc curriculum, we keep on learning how to stay connected in virtual reality and stay together as a community of cartographers to bring our art, science, and technology forward.

Today, the 8th Intake has started the 4th semester, the Master Theses semester at one of the four cooperating universities in Munich, Vienna, Dresden, and Twente. We wish you a good start and a productive semester!

Master Thesis Kick-off seminar at TUM

This challenging time is also an opportunity to dedicate more time to studying! So we asked our 9th Intake how they are doing in Vienna, where they spend their second semester.

“During this time, it’s a bit difficult to stay motivated the entire time but seeing my colleagues virtually from time to time really helps. Also taking advantage of the extra time we have now to work and read more about all the courses. I’m really enjoying self-learning but I can’t wait to go back to class!”

– Larissa Saad

9th Intake group gathering in virtual space

Stay safe everyone and never stop #thinkingdoingshowing!