Welcome 12th intake!

The Welcoming Week 2022 took place between 10 – 17th October at the main TUM campus in Munich. Altogether 20 students from 16 different countries enrolled this year.

Our newcomers had a very busy schedule that included a mix of orienteering and cartographic sessions prepared by the teams from four programme universities, coordinators, and lecturers.

Beside getting to know the partners and programme highlights, students participated in several tours and workshops: library tour, campus tour, research workshop and intercultural training workshop. We even played our own version of Carto-Bingo!

Moreover, during a special “Ask A Professor” panel students could learn about personal motivations of our programme professors to study and develop the science of cartography.

Ask a professor.

Starting the semester in Munich also gives a great opportunity to admire the beauty of the neighbouring mountains! Therefore, we spontaneously hopped in the train to hike around the Tegernsee and enjoy shared lunch in a Bavarian biergarten.

Congratulations to all our new students with the beginning of this exciting journey in cartography! As programme partners will make sure you explore your fullest potential on your way between Munich, Vienna, Dresden and Enschede.

Let’s get started!

Student expectations and goals.