Hiking in the Eastern Ore Mountains

On the Day of Prayer and Repentance – a public holiday which is held in Saxony only – a small group of seven students withstood the cold fall weather and hiked along the Eastern Ore mountains located about 30 kilometers south of Dresden. Starting in the mountain town of Altenberg we “climbed” the adjacent “Geisingberg mountain”, hiked along the “Bärenstein castle”, took a look at the “Dittersdorf Nagelsche Säule” from 1866 and finally reached the town of Glashütte which is famous for its watch industry and home to the German watch museum that we visited before returning to Dresden.

Visiting the German watch museum.
Group picture at the “Dittersdorf Nagelsche Säule”.

Special thanks to the German Cartographic Society (DGfK) for sponsoring the event!