Munich, goodbye! Welcome to Vienna!

The first semester at TU Munich came to an end, and after challenging exams it is time to move forward.

Exams in progress

By semester completion, we asked our students which professional and personal skills they have developed the most in the 1st semester. Using a stacked bar chart we visualized the learning outcomes. Such practical skills as databases, map design, GIS, programming, and data visualization would definitely serve as a solid basis for further learning. Communication, teamwork and time management are the essential skills for future career development. Great work!

And eventually, it is time to discover a new city and start the second semester at TU Vienna. The new semester awaits with exciting lectures and new interesting projects! The first lecture day took place on 11th March 🎉. The 8th Intake of Cartography M.Sc. students started the new term and was welcomed at TU Vienna. 

We wish everyone a fun and successful semester!