Ravenstein-Förderpreis 2022 for Camila Narbaitz Sarsur

Congratulations to our M.Sc. student Camila Narbaitz Sarsur for winning the Ravenstein-Förderpreis 2022 in the category students with Wien Secession – An Artsy Walk through Vienna, which she designed in the class Project Map Creation. The jury stated:

“Not freezing an artistic movement in a map, but rather bringing the many aspects of the Vienna Secession to life, has built a wonderful bridge between the academic study of perception on the one hand and the creation of an attractive product on the other. The map convinces with its subtle coloring and a design that can almost be described as immersive with lots of details. A journey of discovery!”

The Ravenstein-Förderpreis, which is awarded annually, promotes young cartographic talents in German-speaking countries. This year’s award ceremony took place in conjunction with EuroCarto 2022 at Technische Universität Wien.

More details of the map are available here.

Congratulations, Camila!