Our student Ao Kaidong participated in Eisriesenwelt measurement campaign

From April 20 until April 24, a measurement campaign took place in the biggest ice cave in the world, the “Eisriesenwelt”, near the village of Werfen (Austria). Our student Ao participated in this campaign as part of his Master’s thesis under the direction of Prof. M. Buchroithner and B. Schröter.

The work in the Eisriesenwelt cave was focused on scanning the ice surface with the help of ground penetrate radar to measure the overall ice thickness of the cave ice, from which the goal of this research is to obtain both 2D and 3D ice basement maps. The cave ice from the dripping water can be a unique indicator of the climate change, so that these ice basement maps can be a reference for the following research on ice volume estimation as well as the impact on the cave ice from climate change.

The Austrian TV reported about the project. The segment can be viewed here.