Welcoming the 13th intake!

A student story about the Welcoming Week 2023 by Maryam Iqbal and the students of the 13th intake.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step. We were welcomed in the MSc Cartography program. The Welcoming Week took place from October 9 to 16, 2023 at the main campus of the Techncal University in Munich. A total of 28 students from 17 different countries enrolled in the Master this year.

We had a very busy and exciting schedule that included a mix of on-boarding and orienteering sessions, and cartographic sessions prepared by the teams from the four programme universities, coordinators, and lecturers.

Our Welcome Week kicked-off with programme highlights and a TUM campus tour. We even played our version of Carto-Bingo and got Carto goody bags.

Starting the semester in Munich also gives us a great opportunity to admire the beauty of the mountains, that are so close! Therefore, on the second day, we hopped on the train to hiked around the beautiful Tegernsee area. The sun was shining for us the whole day and we enjoyed lunch in a typical alpine mountain hut with a spectacular view.

The programme consortia want us to feel at ease while studying and to be able to face possible challenges with mental strength and confidence. The third day was dedicated to the highlights of the four semesters and a coordinator session. That provides us with well-founded knowledge about all semesters and practical advices. To end that day with a flavour, a Bavarian dinner with all four programme directors and local coordinators was arranged.

To give the students an overview of the Master’s thesis semester, a special session was held showing and introducing all research possibilities we have. Moreover, during a special “Ask A Professor” panel, students learn about the personal motivations of our programme professors to study and develop the science of cartography. The Carto Walk was the main highlight of the fourth day. Students are divided into groups of 7 people, each group explored a different area of Munich and compiled a map-based description of the area for the other students.

The fifth day was all about getting to know and connecting with the Carto community. Students asked questions to involved lecturers and met Carto alumni.

The Welcoming Week closed with the Matriculation ceremony at the TUM Garching campus where TUM president Thomas F. Hofmann welcomed us to the university community at the first-years’ “Welcome@TUM” event.

The Cartography programme partners wishing you a wonderful and successful time in Munich, Vienna, Dresden and Enschede! We do our very best to make your expectations, mapped on the first day, come true.