From idea to implementation: Mapping Project presentations at TUM 2019/2020

The 9th Intake of Cartography MSc presented their results of the semester work within the Mapping project course, an elective module that aims at developing data visualization methods, prototypes, and cartographic designs using different tools and digital media. Within this course, students can choose a topic of their interest and focus on the development of their skills and abilities in problem-solving, team work, and on expanding their expertise and competence in the use and application of various technologies and media.

Upon completion of the semester work, 10 projects were presented in a two days seminar:

  • “Spotted!” Map of hotspots over Switzerland (Nina Ioseliani, Muhammad Hamza, Festina Sadiku)
  • MÜNCHIN IN MUNICH (Jesse Friend, Stephanie Fovenyessy)
  • Searching for accommodation? Here is the solution! (Md Imtiaz Uddin, Sadhman Sadik, Mengyao Gao)
  • EMers Exploring Munich Together (Ozan Tuncbilek, Xiyu Wang)
  • Projection mapping the Berlin Wall (Mariam Gambashidze, Anouska Jaspersen)
  • What’s left? – Mapping wilderness (Larissa Saad, Jakob Listabarth)
  • 2Deep – Mapping hidden water (Ceren Dolma, Ben McLeod)
  • The Visualisation of Sperm Whale Movement in the Gulf of California (Sagnik Mukherjee, Julius Nyonyo)
  • A tale of the city (Milana Glebova, Olesia Ignateva)
  • cARto 36D – where Maps are Augmented. (Shlesha Acharya, Nargiz Kurumbayeva, Sifa Mawiyoo).

Congratulations to our 9th Intake of Cartography M.Sc. on the successful projects! Well done!