The Polar Fanzine

The aim of the brochure and the main map is to inform and make aware the readers regarding the similarities and the differences of the polar regions in some main topics but also regarding the human impact on these two regions. The topics of interest on this project are the climate, the fauna, and the human impact.

The polar regions are both remote and cold. They are also highly affected by climate change. The same time what happens in these regions regarding their climate has a huge impact globally and not only locally. It can be argued that the core of the climate change is located at these two places.

Arctic and Antarctica were almost the last unknown places explored in the world, early in the 20th century. Since then, human impact and aggressive activities always kept increasing. Oil exploitation and massive tourism affect the climate and fauna. In the map, there is additional information regarding some historically important explorations selected by the author, mountain facts and more detailed information about the fauna. All the visuals (maps and illustrations) are hand-drawn by the author.

It is recommended to print in A3 format (in 100% scale), and then cut and fold as it is shown in the cover page!

The map part of the project was created within the class Project Map Creation and the brochure part within the Geo-Media Techniques at TU Wien in summer semester 2019.

Have a look at all the interesting details in the larger version in jpg format (2.6mb).

Student: Danai Maria Kontou