100 questions about cartography

A platform aiming at helping to develop an answer to the question “What is cartography?”: https://whatiscartography.netlify.app/

What is cartography? Is there really one answer? How can we define an answer to that question? We all have different perceptions of cartography, and what the term means to us individually. Each person reading this probably has some idea of what cartography means to them, but every one of these ideas probably vary on extreme levels across spectrums such as: geography, cartography, and different ideas of spatial awareness.

This platform is aimed at helping to develop an answer to that question. Although one could say there is no true answer to “What is cartography?”, the conceptual idea in one’s head when the question is posed bears a truth to the individual who begins to think about what cartography means to them.

Here we pose one hundred questions, all related to cartography in some way. The desire behind this collection is to strengthen one’s ideas around cartography, and to help shape a perception that is an open and inclusive cartography to all related disciplines, ideas, and professionals. This is in no way an all-encompassing group of questions on the subject, and one could hope that the interaction with the prompts and associated media can help pose more questions to ultimately help define an answer to that ever elusive question: “What is cartography?”.

Students: Ceren Dolma, Jesse Friend, Mariam Gambashidze​, and Jakob Listabarth​

The map was created within the class Multimedia-Cartography and Geocommunication at TU Wien in summer semester 2020.