Map by Jonathan King represents January in 2022 GeoHipster Calendar

We are excited to share that Jonathan King’s map “Navigation Nightlights – Midcoast Maine’s Lighthouses” is part of the 2022 GeoHipster Calendar.

Jonathan’s map was created within the class Project Map Creation in summer semester 2021

The 2022 calendar from GeoHipster features 14 stunning and creative maps from the following authors: Jonathan King (January), Lika Zhvania (February), Helen McKenzie (March), Dan Fourquet (April), Kate Berg (May), Samara Ebinger (June), Jessica Baker (July), Kristen Orr (August), Corwan Groux (September), Tom Armitage (October), Shannon Gonzales (November), Danae Kontou (December), Carl Churchill (Back Cover), and Inge van Daelen (Cover). You can order it here.

Cover of the GeoHipster 2022 Calendar (Map by Inge van Daelen)

Congratulations, Jonathan!