What is Cartography? An interactive animation.

An interactive animation: www.bilibili.com/video/BV1bt4y1Q7A1/

Cartography is a powerful communication tool and plays an important role in human society. For example, maps help people learn about the distribution of poverty or how disease spreads. It helps people establish spatial awareness. Also, human’s daily life is filled with maps. We use Google Map every day to navigate.

The idea of this group project is to create a character and design some scenes he would encounter related to cartography during his life to show how cartography affect people’s daily life. In order to show the life of that character, we decide to make an interactive video. During the video, users can make different choices and get different consequences. By comparing life with and without maps, users can learn about the importance of cartography better.

Students: Festina Sadiku, Junru Lin, and Mengyao Gao

The map was created within the class Multimedia-Cartography and Geocommunication at TU Wien in summer semester 2020.