The Curious Map of Munich

Munich is a very popular city for tourists, providing plenty of impressive historical buildings, well-known sights and famous venues. Most of these places are listed in travel guides, blogs and tourist maps. But there is another side to Munich, just as there is to any city. This other side is made up of secret or offbeat spots with special meanings or weird appearances as well as unexpected sights, only known to the city insider or local.

The Curious Map of Munich is an interactive web map displaying a small set of hand-curated unique and curious sights in the city of Munich. We want to offer curious people like us to get a closer look into this other side for getting a unique and non-superficial impression of Munich. Therefore, we aimed for a visualization representing our concept: curious, unusual and on a “deeper” layer than common maps. Our blood-red roads represent a pulse running through the body of the city, and the sights can be discovered using magnifying glasses. The map is tilted as to symbolize a bird flying over the city. Details of sight are displayed on a floating cube that can be navigated using the mouse or arrow keys on a keyboard. Users are encouraged to leave comments and ratings for their experiences with the curious sight.
Realization of the project includes a MySQL database backend, a small API and a frontend powered by Mapbox GL and jQuery.

The Curious Map of Munich. To see more visit

The project was created within the class Mapping Project at TU München during the winter semester 2018/19.

Students: Rosalie Kremser & Jonas Beinder