National Parks of Poland

The aim of the map was to promote Polish National Parks as worth seeing tourist destinations as well as to underline the importance of the nature conservation.

Poland is a country with a very diverse landscape. In the south there is a mountainous area of the Carpathian and the Sudeten. The central part of Poland is a lowland area and in the northern part there is post-glacial landscape with many lakes and hills. The coastal line with sandy shores along the Baltic Sea is 440 km long. One of the ways of protecting the natural beauty of this landscape and its local fauna and flora is creating the national parks.

The map includes two by the author hand-drawn illustrations. One shows the white-tailed eagle, a species that nests in Poland, i.a. in the Wolin National Park. This bird of prey is also depicted in the Polish emblem as a white eagle. The second illustration shows the European bison, the biggest land animal of Europe, which almost went extinct at the beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays it is under legal protection and the population of European bisons is growing. In Poland they live in the wild not only in Białowieża forest, but also in Bieszczady mountains.

The map was created within the class Project Map Creation at TU Wien in summer semester 2018.

Have a look at all the interesting details in the larger version in jpg format (3mb).

Student: Agnieszka Mańk