Wheelchair-friendly map around Pfennigparade

"Where would you like to go?"

What it is about

Wheelchair users face a lot of mobility difficulties. Our web application aims to make their lives easier by showing wheelchair-friendly routes and destinations in Munich. The routes are focused on the neighborhood of the rehabilitation center Stiftung Pfennigparade. By choosing a destination, users can obtain the shortest route with the starting location from Pfennigparade. The routes can show up to three time periods. If the route is mainly made up of segments recorded within the past month, it is likely that the route is wheelchair-friendly.

How we built it

We collected the data by observing potential streets from Pfennigparade to nearby locations. In addition, wheelmap.org was used to gather more data about the locations. We created 19 shortest routes from Pfennigparade using ArcGIS Pro. The routes consist of different routes created on different dates. They were converted into GeoJSON files to be used in our web application built with Vue JavaScript and Leaflet. For the UI design we worked on data visualizing including color testing of route creation dates and the exploration of dark mode.

Challenges we ran into

Instead of using API we had to hard code all routes, which is why only 19 routes were added to the map. We also could not include data about the slope of the routes because a DSM was unavailable.

What we're proud of

We are proud of our final result, our working website, providing reliable information that can help the wheelchair community. During the process we also improved the data visualization in the map.

What we learned

We enhanced our coding skills using Vue and Leaflet and learned how to work with SVGs and GeoJSON files. We also explored visualization methods to display data in an optimal and user-friendly way.

What's next

We plan to develop a citizen science project involving users who can add comments and images, record new routes and update existing ones. Therefore, we want to set up a database connection to the application.
Yi Zhen Chew
Ulrike Holfeld

12th intake
Juliane Cron, M.Sc.
navigation, accessibility, wheelchair, route, pfennigparade
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