Migrating Butterflies – Milkweed Butterflies in Taiwan

The map visualizes migrating paths of butterflies, and introduces briefly about the butterfly species and the special sceneries. In Taiwan, the butterflies which show obvious migrating behaviors are in the tribe Danaini, which are so called milkweed butterflies There are mainly two types of path, the genus Euploea butterflies migrate between the south and the north in specific season, and chestnut tigers migrate overseas mainly between Taiwan and Japan with seasonal monsoon. To protect the butterflies from car accidents when crossing the highway, car lanes are even reduced and protection nets are used.

The map was created within the class Project Map Creation at TU Wien in summer semester 2018.

Migrating Butterflies – Milkweed Butterflies in Taiwan by P. Yuan

Have a look at all the beautiful details in the larger map in jpg format (1.7mb).


Student: P. Yuan