Mapping SÁMI Languages

The idea behind this map is to make people aware of Indigenous people and their living spaces located within national borders and sometimes crossing these as it is the case of the Sámi people. It is important to know about contemporary societies and different cultures. Only with this knowledge, we can respect other ways of living.

The map shows Sápmi, the territory inhabited by the Sámi, the Indigenous peoples of Northern Europe. Their homeland encompasses the Lapland region in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and the Kola peninsula in Russia. The choropleth map aims to show the different Sámi languages in a simple way using the traditional Sámi colors. Also, it presents the municipalities where their language is officially recognized and important point features showing Sámi settlements, cultural centers, and the locations of the Sámi parliaments.

The thematic map was created using ArcGIS Pro and Affinity Designer. The print format is quadratic using the length of the height of DIN A2 format (594 x 594 mm).

The map was created as part of the course Project Map Creation at TU Wien in summer semester 2021.

Have a look at all the interesting details in the pdf (6.6mb).

Student: Nele Peschel