Mayor’s Enigma

This fictional game was developed as a student project work within the course Mobile Cartography at TU Dresden in summer semester 2023/2024. The game allows the player to visit locations in Dresden to solve basic puzzles to unlock new locations. When all puzzles are solved, the user is presented with a final question to complete the game or try again.

The module “Mobile Cartography” is a course that is held every winter semester for the international master program in Cartography. The lectures cover theories, methods and applications for the provision of information and cartographic representations on mobile devices. In the exercises, students learn how to develop native mobile map applications and have to submit a project.  While creating “Mayor’s Enigma”, the students had the idea to put the app user in the role of a detective in the 1920s who has to solve the mysterious disappearance of the mayor of Dresden. In order to do so, evidence must be collected from various locations and the four suspects must be analysed again and again. A great deal of passion and attention to detail has gone into the development of this application.


Sneak peaks of “Mayor’s Enigma”.

The application is available in Google Play Store for Android devices and invites users to experience the unique charm of Dresden in a special way and immerse themselves in the mysterious circumstances surrounding the mayor’s disappearance:

Students: Isaac Newton Kissiedu, Janek Lyczakowski, Ching-Ting Chia, and Ander Palacios