This map-like representation illustrates the migratory path undertaken by Hokkien, a Chinese language commonly referred to as Minnan, Southern Min, Hoklo, Taiwanese, or Fukien across different regions worldwide. Hokkien retains notable characteristics of Middle Chinese and even Old Chinese.

The design of this map emulates the artistic essence of traditional Chinese painting, characterized by its use of ink wash painting style and the incorporation of a long scroll layout.

The final printed map is 2.7m long. To better view the map online, please have a look at the accompanying Storymap. The map is presented in a right-to-left orientation in alignment with the traditional practice of reading Chinese paintings from right to left.

Zhenjiang Li in front of the printout of his project
Zhenjiang Li in front of the printout of his project
Screenshot of the project-accompanying Storymap

For a high-resolution jpg, click here – or visit the project-accompanying StoryMap.

The map was created as part of the course Project Map Creation at TU Wien in summer semester 2023.

Student: 李振疆 Zhenjiang Li