Master’s thesis presentation of Myles Cook

We congratulate Myles Cook, student of the 4th intake, for finishing his Master’s Thesis “An Empirical Evaluation of 2D and Interactive 3D Terrain Visualisations for Cycling Maps”. To assess the relative usability of 2D and 3D elevation visualisations for cycle route-planners, he conducted an empirical user-study with 36 participants. The findings demonstrated significant usability differences between individual 2D and 3D elevation visualisations, although it was not possible to broadly state that one dimensionality was more or less ‘usable’ than the other. The results showed that those visualisations which placed the lowest cognitive load on the user were most effective; this factor appears to have had a greater influence on efficacy than the dimensionality of the visualisations.

We wish Myles all the best for his future career!