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Financial Information

In the following, you find information about semester / tuition fees as well as information on cost of living and other costs.

Semester / tuition fees

The total fee for the programme varies, depending on the chosen mobility (where you write your Master's thesis) and your country of origin.
1st semester TUM
128.50 EUR in total (52 EUR student union fee and 66.50 EUR semester ticket fee)
2nd semester TUW
for non-EU nationals: 745.92 EUR tuition fee, for EU nationals: 19.20 EUR student union fee 
+ 128.50 EUR TUM fee
3rd semester TUD
257.90 EUR in total (77.50 EUR student union fee and 180.40 EUR student body fee incl. semester ticket fee)
+ 66.50 EUR for TUM solidary contribution
4th semester (varies)
As for University of Twente, it depends whether you will choose it to do your Master’s thesis in the fourth semester. If yes, you need to pay the tuition fee of approx. 4800 EUR according to its regulation.

Other fees

UT/ITC Online Modules
During the first and third semester, online modules from the University of Twente are integrated in the curriculum. The costs per module are 1569 EUR, resp. 785 EUR, if you are a national of a country listed on the OECD approved List of Recipients of Official Development Assistance.
Alpine Field Trip
During the 3rd semester the compulsory module Georelief and Cartography consists of a 10 days excursion to the Austrian Alps (Dachsteingebirge), which is one of the programme highlights. Estimated excursion costs are about 650 EUR.

Cost of living

The costs for accommodation in the three countries of the consortium (Germany, Austria and The Netherlands) are relatively high. The price of food, clothing, cultural activities, etc. is equivalent to the EU average.  

Read more about the costs for accommodation, food and personal expenses in the Student Life section of the respective cities.
700 to 1000 EUR per month
650 to 1000 EUR per month
500 to 800 EUR per month
800 to 1000 EUR per month