Partner universities

The International Master of Science Programme in Cartography is a cooperation of the following four universities.

Technische Universität München (TUM)

Chair of Cartography
Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering
Arcisstraße 21
80333 München
The Chair of Cartography of Technical University of Munich (TUM) was founded in 1948 under the name Institute of Photogrammetry, Topography and General Cartography. The chair is one of about 250 chairs at TUM and belongs to the Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering.
The Chair of Cartography offers a very high level of education and research in the field of cartography. The overall mission is the „Development of geo-data analysis methods — from data enrichment to advanced visualization and communication“. Currently, the chair is focusing on the extension of computational methods to cluster spatial data geovisualization and density visualization of points. Ongoing projects include topics such as visual analytics of multi-dimensionally geocoded point datasets and event detection from VGI. Further research focuses on location-based services (LBS) and routing as well as on data integration. New knowledge and ideas acquired from the ongoing research work is directly introduced into the teaching modules and students get a first-hand insight into ongoing research.

The main people involved in the master programme are: 
  • Prof. Liqiu Meng is the head of the Chair of Cartography and the programme director of the Cartography master programme. She teaches Geoinformation and Cartographic Foundations.
  • Juliane Cron is the programme coordinator and works as a research assistant on her PhD. Juliane gives lectures within several modules and supervises the Mapping Project.
  • Edyta Bogucka is the local coordinator for the first semester at TUM since October 2017. Besides coordination, Edyta is working in a project focussing on semantic enrichment of multi-modal navigation.
  • Mathias Jahnke teaches Visualization of Geodata and supervises the Mapping Project.
  • Christian Murphy teaches Geoinformation and gives lectures on Geomarketing, besides helping with Eye Tracking applications.
  • Ekaterina Chuprikova is an alumna of the Cartography M.Sc. (2nd intake) and now works as a research assistant on her PhD at the Chair of Cartography. She assists in the geoinformation exercises and teaches a lecture on Data quality.
  • Holger Kumke is involved in Cartographic Foundations.
  • Christian Strobl works at German Aerospace Center (DLR) and is an external lecturer for Geostatistics.
  • Luise Fleissner is our secretary. 

Technische Universität Wien (TUW)

Research Group Cartography
Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation
Karlsplatz 13
1040 Wien
The Research Group Cartography at Vienna University of Technology was founded in 1971. It is one of the seven research groups that form the Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation at TU Wien. Main research activities and questions are on fundamental and methodological issues of cartographic communication processes, such as syntactical, semantic and pragmatic dimensions of cartographic presentation forms. The technological focus is on multimedia cartography, and especially web mapping, mobile internet and location-based services (LBS). Applied research is done on interactivity with maps and deriving appropriate navigation support with means of maps and concepting online atlases.

The main people involved in the master programme are: 
  • Prof. Georg Gartner is the head of the Research Group and teaches Theoretical Cartography and supervises the Seminar of Cartography.
  • Francisco Porras Bernárdez is the local coordinator for the Vienna semester. He is an alumni of the Cartography M.Sc. (3rd intake) and now works as a university assistant at the Research Group Cartography. He teaches Cartographic Information Systems and Location-Based Services.
  • Florian Ledermann works as a university assistant at the Research Group. Florian teaches Web Mapping, Multimedia Cartography and Programming Cartographic Tasks.
  • Manuela Schmidt is a freelance cartographer and supervises the Project Map Creation.
  • Felix Ortag works as assistant at the department. He teaches Geo-Media Techniques.
  • Haosheng Huang was a long-standing staff member of the Research Group. After joining the University of Zurich, he still supports the classes Cartographic Information Systems and Location-Based Services as an external lecturer.
  • Markus Jobst works at the Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying and teaches Cartographic Interfaces as an external lecturer.
  • Violet Derman is our secretary.

Technische Universität Dresden (TUD)

Institute of Cartography
Department of Geosciences
Helmholtzstraße 10
01069 Dresden
Cartography has been taught at TU Dresden since its founding in 1828. The Institute of Cartography was reorganised in 2016 and consists now of a Chair for Cartographic Communication. Education and research at the Institute of Cartography under direction of Professor Dirk Burghardt span the wide range between classic cartography and interactive geo-visualisation. Recent research focusses on geovisualization of user-generated spatial data, web- and mobile cartography, automated generalisation, environmental monitoring and 3D visualisation. The institute offers classes for students of cartography, geoinformation technologies, geography as well as geodesy and geoinformation. 

The main people involved in the master programme are: 
  • Prof. Dirk Burghardt is the head of the Chair of Cartographic Communication and teaches Mobile Cartography
  • Eva Hauthal is the local coordinator and works as scientific assistant at the Chair for Cartographic Communication. Eva supervises the exercises and project work within the module Mobile Cartography.
  • Nikolas Prechtel is a long-standing staff member at the Institute of Cartography. He teaches Subject-specific GIS Applications and Case Studies as well as 3D Virtual Landscapes.
  • Prof. Manfred Buchroithner was the former head of the Institute of Cartography and initiated the partnership within the Cartography M.Sc. programme. He retired in 2016 but is still involved in the Alpine Cartography Field School.
  • Jànos Jeney is a PhD student and teaches History of Cartography.
  • Benjamin Schroeter is our guest lecturer for teaching the Georelief and Cartography module and therefore the main organiser of the Alpine Cartography Field School. 
  • Prof. Lars Bernhard is the head of the Chair of Geoinformatics at TU Dresden and teaches Geodata Infrastructures
  • Prof. Hans-Gerd Maas is the head of the Chair of Photogrammetry at TU Dresden and teaches Laser Scanning and DTM Generation
  • Prof. Elmar Chaplovics is the head of the Chair of Remote Sensing at TU Dresden and teaches the module Remote-Sensing-based Environmental Mapping 

University of Twente (UTwente)

Department of Geo-Information Processing
Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation
Drienerlolaan 5
7522 NB Enschede
The Netherlands
The University of Twente (UT), is a leading Dutch university which links technology and society, and operates as a federation of independent faculties, which includes the faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC). At ITC, knowledge of geo-information management is readily available and is continually being developed and extended. By means of education, research and project services, ITC contributes to capacity building in developing countries and emerging economies. Strong attention is paid to the development and application of GI systems. ITC offers a wide selection of courses in the field of GI science and earth observation at Diploma, MSc and PhD level. ITC also offers distance education and fosters joint educational partnerships with educational organizations in developing countries. Within the Cartography M.Sc. programme, ITC offers distance education within two online modules in the first and third semester and is responsible for the organization of the 4th semester. 

The main people involved in the master programme are: 
  • Prof. Menno-Jan Kraak is professor in Geovisualization at the faculty ITC and the head of Geo-Information Processing Department He is the president of the International Cartographic Association for the period 2015–2019. His current personal research interests are related to mapping time in the context of geovisual-analytics and cartography.
  • Corné van Elzakker is assistant professor in the Department of Geo-Information Processing, where he is executing a great variety of tasks in scientific education, research and advisory services. Corné is the local coordinator at ITC and coordinates the Master's thesis semester.
  • Parya Pasha Zadeh Monajjemi teaches the online module Principles of Databases.
  • Luc Boerboom is assistant professor in Planning and Decision making Concepts and Methods, in the Department of Urban Regional Planning and Geo-information Management at ITC. Luc teaches the online module Spatial Decision Support Systems.
  • Richard Knippers is a lecturer in the department and specialized in the fields of geo-information technology and management, the application of geographical information systems, mapping and spatial referencing. He is involved in the Cartography programme as supervisor for Master's theses.
  • Barend Köbben is a senior lecturer in GIS and cartographic visualisation in the Department of Geo-Information Processing. His teaching subjects include Cartographic Theory, WebCartography and WebGIS, Geo-webservices, web application building and 3D visualisation. Furthermore, Barend is involved in the Cartography programme as supervisor for Master's theses.