A list of all theses completed in the programme. The colors indicate the university of the main supervisor.


An Empirical Evaluation of 2D and Interactive 3D Terrain Visualisations for Cycling Maps
Myles Cook | Presentation
Object-based classification for estimation of built-up density within urban environment
Jurai Murcko | Presentation
The Effect of Satellite Image Resolution and Minimum Mapping Unit on the Accuracy of Forest Cover Maps
Aleksandra Draksler | Presentation
Mobile re-use of georeferenced media content of Sächsische Zeitung
Abdelrahman Abdelhamid Abdelhady Hussein
Comparing Mouse- and Touch-based Map Interaction for Target Search Tasks on Large Screens
Shuoyan Huang


Automated derivation of zoomable web maps with handmade look and feel
Furui Sun
Design of Mobile Maps with Open Source Mapping Platforms
Chiyuan Gu
Generation of a high-quality physiographic map as a base for nature conservation and land planning
Ethan Oleson
Motorway network depiction from OpenStreetMap data in accordance with cartographic demands
Sigita Grinfelde
Integrated Web Based Visualization of Railway Track Information
Youssef Zouine | Presentation
Spatiotemporal Visual Analysis of Traffic Flow Patterns Related to Transport Hubs from Floating Car Data
Shirui Wang
Visual Analysis of Origin/Destination Time Patterns of Travellers
Katre Karja | Presentation
Extraction of user's stays from GPS logs: A comparison of three spatio-temporal clustering approaches
Francisco Daniel Porras Bernárdez | Presentation


A photo-based route visualization method for indoor way-finding
Shihui Xu | Presentation
Automated detection and explicit modelling of structural relations for the generalisation of island groups
Benedikt Víðisson
Biotic and Thermal Spatial Patterns in the Altai Mountains from MODIS Time Series Detection, Characterisation and Web Integration
Anudari Batsaikhan
Design and implementation of an automated workflow to provide a zoomable web mapping application using artistic styles
Maximilian Hartl
A Decision Support System for Sales Territory Planning using the Genetic Algorithm
Shahin Sharifi Noorian
Visual Exploration of Spatial-Temporal Traffic Congestion Patterns Using Floating Car Data
Candra Sari Djati Kartika | Presentation
Spatial Temporal Analysis of Social Media Data
Smita Singh | Presentation
Artistic Decorations in Early Modern Cartography: A Study Case of Maps of the Dutch Golden Age
Anna Makrostergiou | Presentation
Procedural 3D modeling and visualization of geotypical Bavarian rural buildings in Esri CityEngine software
Ieva Dobrāja | Presentation
The derivation of digital embroid styled maps
Lin Dong 
Investigation and visualisation of geodetic glacier mass balance in the Central Tien Shan based on historical declassified Corona KH4 and KH9 Hexagon imagery
Franz Goerlich 
Detection and visualization of glacier area changes at the Lake Paiku Basin (Tibet, China) using multi-temporal remote sensing imagery from 1974-2010
Maria Elena Vargas Amado
The effectiveness of uncertainty visualization in a "Coordinated Multiple View" environment using a temporal dataset (case study)
Lisa Clemens | Presentation
Algorithm Design and Implementation of Map Matching of City-wide Floating Car Data
Luyi Han | Presentation


Large-Scale Industrial Site Selection Using a Minimum Natural Risk Approach – Concept and Prototypic Implementation
Anne Birckigt | Presentation
The automatic generalisation of buildings whilst maintaining the settlement structure: A case study based on the 1:50.000 Swiss National Map Series
Anna Vetter | Presentation
An Assessment of the Solar Potential of Roofs within a Web-based Solar Cadastre
Ekaterina Chuprikova 
Visualization and investigation of geodetic glacier mass balances at Shishapangma Arca (Tibet, China)
Panagiota Nikolakakou 
A Cartographic Approach to Spatio-temporal Data Visualization of Events in Visual Analytics Applications
Alice Rühl 
Investigations of Regional Treeline Migration - Examples from the Altai and Tien Shan Mountains
Catherine Hartley 
Procedural developing of a reconstruction of archaeological model applied to the case study Nymphaeum of the Sanctuary of Diana in Nemi, Italy
Abdullah Alattas
Visual reconstruction of archaeological data of the Sanctuary of Diana at Nemi, Italy
Mariana Danielova | Presentation
Deriving the distribution of population from nighttime lights data
Ainur Matayeva | Presentation
Testing the Usability of OpenStreetMap's iD Tool
Jan Bastian Behrens
Web based visual analysis of 3D lightning data
Mohammad Abusohyon
Smart Campus Map
Shayan Nikoohemat | Presentation
Web mapping application for operative fire and water services
Mostafa ElFouly | Presentation
Modeling individual's Familiarity of Places Using Social Media
Wangshu Wang | Presentation


Modeling individual's Familiarity of Places Using Social Media
Linxueyang Zhao | Presentation
3D Modeling and Visualization of Archaeological Data
Pei Zhang
Persistence of Physical Patterns of a Mountain Landscape – Detection and Map Representation
Carlos Ernesto Vázquez Arias
3D Mapping of Volumetric Changes of Selected East Alpine Glaciers - Example: Dachstein Massif
Katharina Zöphel
Derivation of continuous zoomable road network maps through utilization of Space-Scale-Cube
Meysam Aliakbarian | Presentation
Cross-Media 3D Cartography of ‘Europe at the Last Ice Age’ Based on Initial Data Compilations
Mara Jaunsproge
Hybrid Autostereoscopic 3D Methods for Depicting High-Relief Terrain. Case Study: Dachstein Austria
Jeffrey Thomas Welter
Categorization and Visualization of Twitter Data
Raluca Georgeta Nicola